Tips For How To Beat Destiny 2’s First Two Frustrating Black Armory Forges

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At some point, maybe I’ll write a “Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Destiny 2’s Black Armory,” but given how Bungie is doling out new content day after day, week after week, Black Armory isn’t really going to be “finished” until the season is over, and right now the challenges are very specific: beat the first two Forges. Or for many, beat even the first one, which unlocks an actual questline for the second, which is when Black Armory “really” starts.

But most players are having trouble even getting past the first one. I’m going to compile a whole bunch of advice I’ve learned after countless Forge runs and lately, a pretty consistent clear rate. And no I’m not like 640-650 power. I beat the first Forge at 608 on my Hunter and now he’s 620 with my other characters about 615 or so. And at 620 my Hunter still fails clears routinely, so this is going to be a process.

So, some advice.

A Little Power Level Goes A Long Way – Even with Bungie dropping the power level of Forges by 5, that still has you squaring off against 615-620 enemies and a 625 boss, which are no joke at most people’s current power levels. Yes, I know that some people have beaten Forges at 602 or 605 or whatever, but doing that you are probably part of a highly coordinated fireteam, someone else is hardcore carrying you, or you are Datto. I’d say 610, the recommended level, is the “floor” to start feeling even a little bit comfortable in the Forge, and even ticking up your power by a few points is noticeable. The difference between 605 and 610, 610 and 615 and 615 and 620 is very, very apparent, thanks to the way Bungie does power scaling now. To get there, if you’re under 600 I would wait until Tuesday when Bungie will be making the “catch-up factor” to 600 easier. If you’re over 600, just hit those milestones and farm Prime Engrams, which you can do even when you fail the Forge with so many orange bars there.

Destiny 2Bungie

Loadouts – Do not underestimate a good ad-clearing primary. Yes, the priority is killing the big blue bois to increase your timers in those rounds, but if you’re not killing ads they will overwhelm you and you can’t kill blue bois when you’re dead. These arenas are tight, so this is a time to bust out something close range and deadly. My picks are the Pillager SMG (outlaw/rampage) and the Smuggler’s Word sidearm (outlaw/kill clip). Slap Minor Spec on them to shred everything in sight. This is no place for scouts or pulse rifles or hand cannons, if you ask me.