Things to Keep in Mind While Teaching Newbies the Rummy Game

When you are an expert rummy player and are given the responsibility to teach some newbie the tricks and tactics of Indian rummy, you need to follow a step by step process. You must remember that you need to teach right from scratch if you want the person to understand the game properly. Here we have listed out the simple steps to follow so that the opponent understands the nuances of the game:

First State All the Rules of the Game

Assume that the person who has come to you to learn the game knows nothing about the game. Start from the very beginning. Here is how you may explain how to play rummy:

  • First thing you should do as soon as the dealer distributes the cards and the joker is cut is to arrange the cards in your hand in a proper order. Cards should be arranged such that blank cards, jokers and pulled-out jokers should be to one end of the hand. Waste cards that are to be disposed should be to the other end of the hand. In the middle you need to arrange sequences, sets and probable sets.
  • Explain the different types of sequences to the newbie. Tell them the difference between a pure sequence and a real sequence. Tell them what is life and why it is so significant.

Be Willing to Answer the Silliest Queries

As you explain the rules of the game to the newbie, he may come up with all sorts of silly queries. Do not laugh at his queries. Remember that silly queries are a part of the learning process. Answer the queries and clear the doubts.

Explain Through Example

Everyone is not equally good at understanding words. That is why when you teach rummy, it is best to show what you explain through examples and rummy moves. We know that human visual memory is much more than audio memory.

Encourage the Right Moves

A bad teacher is the one who discourages wrong moves. A good teacher is one who appreciates the right moves so that the player tries to continue the right moves. When you see a newbie player play an interesting move, appreciate him. Tell him how you had observed a similar move when you played with one of your friends and how that move saved the game.

Tell Why the Wrong Moves are Wrong

If you observe that a new player is playing some wrong moves, don’t just stop and ridicule him. Tell him why his move is wrong and how the move can actually be corrected. This will help him understand the game better and you will be doing justice to the role of a teacher.

Don’t Tell the Secret Winning Tricks

A rummy teacher has the role of a guide who teaches the player the basic rules. The player should himself discover the secret tactics and winning tricks. These are not to be taught by the tutor. The learning process for the rummy game is complete only when the player understands the hidden tricks himself.

A tutor may teach the rummy player the basic 13 cards rummy game. The newbie player can then find his way through the different variants. A tutor for rummy should only be a guide and should not spoon-feed the pupil in the game.

Once a tutor teaches the pupil about the game, he can introduce the pupil to online rummy gaming on KhelplayRummy. This is a great avenue where the newbie player can practice his rummy skills online using practice chips. Once he knows he has grasped the game well, he may even join some of the online tournaments.