No insta way to fitness

Take note

Browsing fitness profiles is two parts addictive and two parts inspiring. When so many people across the spectrum post their before and after pictures, and everyone lauds their efforts, there is bound to be a snowall effect.

People want to look good and when they see others being able to achieve the kind of body they hope for, it’s easy to see why fitness coaches on Instagram command do much influence. They post their daily routines, diet, intake of water and how they got to their current figure.

With so much explosion of fit bodies and mantras these people swear by, it’s easy to get swept away in the tide. But, not all of them you can just follow blindly. What makes them so appealing is that they are affordable and are willing to make a tailor-made programme for you. So it’s natural to go for it, however, not all of them are trained practitioners. Keep certain things in mind before taking the leap into taking advice from Instagram fitness influencers.

Check their background

Passing a test and then hanging up a certification doesn’t necessarily equal expertise and experience. Find out whether they have trained anybody at local gyms and general reputation.

Testimonials matter

When considering these people, it goes without saying that referals should be the first point to check off your list. Anyone who has been in the industry for a long time should have someone vouch for them. Too many positive reviews on his page, while carefully curated can also be a red flag. So, proceed with caution. If they sell nutrition plans as well, consider that a red flag if they aren’t trained. Sending out diet plans when it’s not their speciality is irresponsible.

Hands-on approach

In the age we live in today, it has become really to get in touch with someone. Your trainer should ask you pertinent questions about your goals and fitness levels and should be accessible to you. If they aren’t reachable whenever you call them and if it happens one too many times, it’s better to reconsider the association.