Health Tips: Learn how to take care of your stomach health, catering and lifestyle include things to do

stomach problem

Elders often say that if you want to be healthy, then it is important to take care of the health of the stomach first. By taking care of your stomach, you can always keep yourself healthy. Know here what you need to keep in mind for good stomach health – 

If the lever is the engine of the body, then the stomach also works with the engine. Think how your whole body starts feeling sick when stomach health is bad. The relationship of stomach is not only physical but also mental. If the health of the stomach is not well, then do not know how many diseases go home. Therefore it is important to take special care of its health. For this, it becomes very important to include some general rules in the lifestyle.  

Most of the organs in the
stomach are the main reason for giving advice to take care of the stomach is that its health has a direct effect on many other organs. Meaning, if the stomach is bad, then it can affect the kidney and liver. In women, the effect of stomach health can also be seen on the health of their uterus. There are many other problems including digestion.

Catering Pattern 
Catering has the greatest impact on the stomach. The catering pattern in India is mostly inaccurate. There is a lot of practice of eating street food, which is not quite right in terms of cleanliness. Due to this, many infections reach the stomach. In homes too, there is a strong emphasis on fried dishes. This method of eating and drinking cannot be considered good for health. It should be remembered that for the health of the stomach, it is important to first eat properly.

According to long-term constipation
experts, Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a disease which was earlier considered an extraordinary disease, but now it is common in India. It is very difficult to digest food. This is because of constipation for a long time. There are many problems due to constipation. If constipation has been bothering you for many years, a doctor should be seen immediately, because if you do not do so, there may be fissure or hemorrhoids. Taking constipation for a long time may cause stomach ache. It is also often caused by infections or ulcers. Sometimes internal bleeding occurs. In this case, consuming liquids is beneficial.

It is important to avoid stress.
Experts believe that the effect of high stress also has a great effect on the stomach. Due to stress, constipation and stomach ulcers have been seen in many people first. In some people, constipation is also accompanied by abdominal pain. One way to improve this is to create a distance from stress while eating. Meaning, eat and eat happily. Many people tend to eat too much when stressed. It should be avoided. Stress causes excess acid in the stomach and does not feel like eating. These acids are needed to digest food, but if food is not found, the skin of the stomach starts to melt and there is a problem of ulcers.

Damage to the stomach caused by
smoking: How harmful smoking health is, there is probably no need to tell today. It can cause cancer. People who smoke also have to face stomach problems. Smoking actually weakens the muscle that keeps the end of the esophagus restrained. Because of this, stomach acid goes in the wrong direction. This entire process is called reflux. There is a problem of chest irritation when reflux occurs. There is also an increased risk of stomach ulcers.

Improve Lifestyle
– Include exercise in your routine.
– Eat less fried foods.
– Avoid market eating.
– Keep cleanliness.
– If there is a disease, get it treated at the beginning.

(Based on a conversation with Physician Dr. Anil Bansal)

We all know how important it is to have the right food, right stomach and right food for life, but most people do not apply this fact in their lives. Proper eating is not only necessary for a healthy stomach, but for the whole body. Experts say that eating right and good is like nectar for the body. As much as nutritious food is necessary, it is equally important to eat it properly and at the right time. Also, adequate water is also necessary.

belly fat – Belly fat puts tremendous pressure on the stomach. This can cause heartburn problems. Remember that constipation will also reduce as soon as you lose weight from your stomach. The problem of acid formation will also be away from you.

– Due to the gall bladder stones, the women do not take care of their stomach and eat it wrongly. Apart from this, fatty liver is also due to the absence of stomach care. Fatty liver causes pain in the abdomen on the right. Everyone should understand that liver does not worsen just by drinking alcohol.

Keep in mind what
to eat – Do not eat food too often. Put the spoon back on the plate several times while eating, this will make it a habit to eat slowly and also to chew the food.
– It is not right to eat more food at one time. Try not to eat too much at one time. It is better to eat once a day 5-6 times a day.
– Remember to eat all the food from time to time.
– Avoid eating heavy food before going to bed. Do eat food about two hours before bedtime.
– Drink plenty of water.