Health tips in Hyderabadi lingo, anyone?

Hyderabadi lingo

Hyderabad: The first Sunday morning of every month means more than just a walk and exercise for these members of the Public Garden Walkers Association. For, they gather around after a walk to listen to tips on healthy living from noted doctors and that too in ‘Hyderabadi Urdu’.

“Yes the ‘hau nakko’ language,” said Ghulam Yazdani, chairman of Public Garden Walkers Association and senior advocate, which organises the lectures on the first Sunday of every month. But why? “Actually most of those who come for a walk are comfortable with Urdu, if the audience is unable to get through English, there is no point in making them forcefully sit and waste their time or that of the speaker. “So, we have put a condition before the guest
speakers that they have to speak in Urdu and most of them obliged,” he said.

Tradition continues

In some instances where required, the association arranged for an interpreter for the lecture on health, which has become popular and for which the entry is totally free. The topics revolve around healthy living, diseases and preventive care, and safe living. The association organised the 286th lecture on Sunday, which was delivered by Dr.Vrinda Agarwal, MD, DM Endocrinology (USA), Senior Consultant Endocrinology.

It was 24 years ago that the first lecture was delivered. Renowned ophthalmologist Dr. P Siva Reddy delivered the first talk on ‘Walk and Vision’ on November 5, 1995. Since then, the series has continued.

“The aim is to help people understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, disease prevention and detection at early stages and other aspects relating to health,” said Yazdani.

The lush lawns of the Public Gardens have become a preferred place for the lectures and nearly 150 lectures were held here. Of late, the venue was shifted to Indira Priyadarshini Auditorium in Jawahar Bal Bhavan and the remaining were conducted there.

So far, lectures were conducted by doctors from various streams, including allopathy, homoeopathy, Unani and naturopathy. “We invite senior doctors of different specialities for the talk. Emphasis is on seniors with right qualification in their area of specialisation,” Yazdani said.

The Public Garden Walkers Association is open to any person who comes for a walk to the place. “There is nothing like a membership form or fee. Any regular walker is a member,” he added.