Fitness Regime Of Bollywood’s Rising Star- Vicky Kaushal

Fitness Regime Of Bollywood

From Masaan to Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi to Hirani’s Sanju, actor Vicky Kaushal has not only evolved as an actor but has also considerably revamped his workouts and his fitness schedule. Vicky Kaushal is truly one of the most versatile and bona fide actors of the B-town. It is not hidden from any of us how much hard work and dedication he puts in his films. His commitment towards work and body have influenced people so much that they have started engaging themselves in being fit and healthy, just like Vicky. For Vicky Kaushal working out means to keep a check and focus on all the parts of the body, it was never about just focusing on building muscles, chest and abs. People who follow him on Instagram would know that exercising is a vital part of his everyday schedule. In one of his recent stories, Vicky shared how he gained weight from 77 to 91kg. This rigorous preparation seems to be for his role of a military man in his next film Uri.

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That’s a mountain person there.. \

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Here are some exercises which Vicky Kaushal includes in his fitness regime for keeping his muscles tighter and core stronger:

1. Pull-ups

Vicky Kaushal can be seen numerous times doing pull-ups. A form of strength training, pull-ups is a multi-joint movement that comprises wrists, elbows, shoulders, and biceps. Dynamic compound exercise like pull-ups enhances functional health and the relationship between the nervous and muscular systems. Pull-ups minimize the chances of future back pain and prevent any severe injury to happen. Strengthening back and core muscles improve posture and provide a taller and leaner look. So, now you know how and why the actor Vicky Kaushal got that perfect ‘V’ shaped body you aspire to have.