Assam Health Science University Bans ‘Seductive Clothes’ to Maintain ‘Workplace Environment’

Image result for Assam Health Science University Bans 'Seductive Clothes' to Maintain 'Workplace Environment'Guwahati: Dipika Deka, the Vice Chancellor of the Srimanta Sankardeva University of Health Sciences has listed out in a notification 16 clothes and footwears not to be worn by students in the university campus.

The University in Guwahati has issued the list as part of maintaining workplace environment.

The items not to be worn in campus includes party attires, picnic clothes, T-shirts, tight-fitting and “seductive” clothes, micro minis, gauzy/flimsy,/transparent, walking shorts, pedal pushers, leggings, tights, jogging pants, wearing of slippers, sandals by males etc. It also bans excessive jewellery.

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The notification issued by the University listing out the appropriate dress code for the campus.

However, the notification states that it exempts certain items because of religious affiliations, physical disabilities and other analogous circumstances.

The notice says that authority will take disciplinary action against anyone violating the order.